What Is The Purpose Of Having An Eyebrow?

What Is The Purpose Of Having An Eyebrow?

We pay lots of attention to our eyebrows. For instance, we spend time perfecting its looks before we go out. We use eyebrow gels to hold them in place or eyebrow pencils to make them look thicker and more beautiful. But have you ever stopped and asked, what are eyebrows for? Is there a reason we have it in our bodies?

For Aesthetic Purposes

Yes, eyebrows make our faces look more aesthetically pleasing. Without them, we look a little too different. That's why those who have lost theirs do not like going out. Likewise, it's the reason why those with thin brows try to make theirs thicker. From that, we can conclude that eyebrows give us confidence.

But surely, the reason why humans kept the hair above the eyes as they evolved is more than that.

For Communication

Perhaps, we kept our eyebrows because they are useful in communication. In one way or another, every part of our face helps us express ourselves. Our eyes and lips, for example, tell others if we are happy or sad. The eyebrows, on the other hand, can inform others of what we are thinking. When we are doubting, skeptical, or intrigued, we raise one eyebrow. Then, when we are surprised, shocked, or frightened, we tend to raise both of them. And when we are angry, eyebrows are lowered and drawn together. 

This is why it is important to have defined eyebrows. Without saying a word, you can tell the people around you your mood. Experts believe this is one of the reasons why we have eyebrows.

For Eye Protection

If you thought only your eyelashes protect your eyes, you are wrong. Unbeknownst to many, eyebrows actually have a function in the body. No, they are not just for display.

Eyebrows protect our eyes from moisture and light. To paint a picture, keep in mind that the forehead is among the parts of the body that sweats the most. Imagine not having eyebrows. Your sweat will drip and reach our eyes. Sweat contains salt, and thus, it can irritate and damage your eyes. With eyebrows, this does not happen. Eyebrows' shape and the way the hairs grow directs sweat away from your eyes. They make sweat flow down the sides of your head instead. The eyebrows do the same to rain and shower water. Consequently, eyebrows allow us to maintain our sight when we're showering, sweating, or out in the rain.

Aside from fluids, eyebrows also reduce the amount of light that gets into your eyes. Furthermore, brows shield them from dirt and particles.

Taking Care of Your Eyebrows

Now that you know what eyebrows are for, you should be more mindful of the things you do with them. It would be best not to do things that could damage follicles or cause hair loss. Instead, you must do things to strengthen them.

Growing more hair is highly recommended. It helps protect your eyes, and as a bonus, it makes you look prettier than you already are.

You can try different things to grow your eyebrows. But it is highly recommended to go for natural routes. Some of the things that you can try are Coconut oil and onion juice. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables could also help grow your brows thicker and fuller.

Also, you can try using growth serums. At Bondi Lash Lab, our growth serum, made from natural ingredients, nourishes brows and lashes with essential vitamins. Experience healthier brows with the best brow gel, crafted to enhance and nurture your natural beauty.

Remember, whatever you do, do your research first. You would not want to lose your eyebrows because of misleading information.

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