Say Goodbye To False Lashes With These Tips

Say Goodbye To False Lashes With These Tips

During World Sight Day 2021, Dr. James Addy, the Head of the Eye Care Unit at Ghana Health Service, warned women not to wear long eyelash extensions. According to him, these can temporarily make you beautiful, but they will have a long-term toll on your eyes in exchange. They will damage your eyesight.

This warning is an eye-opener. It shows how desperate women are at getting long eyelashes to achieve the perfect look. In turn, it highlights the need to spread information on how to get healthy lashes. 

Here at Bondi Lash Lab, we wish everyone to have beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. We want it so anyone can walk outside with their head held up high because they know they look pretty. 

So, we are glad to share the secrets to getting healthier lashes. 

Eyelash Care

Many people have a skincare routine to make sure their skin looks healthy. So why shouldn't lashes receive the same treatment? They are essential not only at making one look gorgeous but also at protecting your eyes. And since you put a lot of things on them that can damage them - mascara, false lashes, etc. - it makes them more deserving of your care and attention.

So, how do you know if your eyelashes are healthy? First of all, they should not look sparse. Typically, a complete set has about 165 - 240 lashes. Aside from this, they should also be around 12 millimeters and have a slight curvature.

Here are the things you can do to have that:

Use Eyelash Combs

Eyelash combs can prevent your lashes from clumping together, giving them a fuller and more natural appearance. That's why many are doing it. The thing is, combing does more things than that. The activity also cleans the lashes by removing debris and dirt from the lashes. It keeps follicles unclogged, and thus, keeps lashes healthy.  

Bondi Lash Lab recommends combing your eyelashes at least once a day.

Remove Eye Makeup Properly

One would not use a meat cleaver for cutting bread. Instead, one would use a bread knife. Likewise, you should not use facial cleansers or makeup wipes to remove eye makeup. What you need to use are eye makeup removers. Put it on a cotton pad and gently dab it to your eyes to avoid damaging the lashes.  

You can also use the eye makeup remover to soften the adhesive you used to attach false lashes. Moreover, use the remover to clean reusable lashes off any lingering adhesive.

Go Easy on Eye Makeup 

It's tempting to always use mascaras and wear false eyelashes so your lashes would always appear perfect. But please refrain from doing so. This could damage your lashes and stunt their growth. So put those away sometimes to give your lashes some space. 

Eat Healthily

This tip is a given. It doesn't really need any explanation. Eating nutritious food nourishes every part of her body. It improves how your skin, hair, and lashes look. So be sure to eat enough protein, leafy greens, and healthy fats. Those are the things that support hair growth. 

Use Eyebrow & Lash Growth Serums 

Eyebrow & Lash growth serums' purpose is to make brows and lashes grow faster. But aside from that, they also nourish them and strengthen them. It makes them more durable and less likely to fall out fast. 

Speaking of that, you should try Bondi Lash lab's Brow + Lash Growth Serum. It's the best one you can buy. We spent time perfecting our formula, so it is not only effective but also safe to use. You can never go wrong with it.

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