5 Makeup Tips for People Whose Eyes Water All the Time

5 Makeup Tips for People Whose Eyes Water All the Time

Nothing can be more horrifying than those watery eyes when you have just finished an amazing makeup look and are about to put on false eyelashes. Those teary eyes can turn your perfect eye makeup into a watercolour mess. Therefore, you should first get your eyes checked to determine the reason behind these watery eyes. It may be due to dust or allergens in the air, an allergic reaction to a product you use on your eyes, or eye strain. 

Whatever the reason, you should know the following makeup tips for those watery eyes! 

1. Use eye drops before applying makeup: Use organic eyedrops with no added preservatives before applying any makeup. However, make sure that the eye drop is not targeted to redness, as it can make your eyes look worse in the long run. 

2. Use hypoallergenic makeup: If the water in your eyes is due to an allergic reaction to your products, look for hypoallergenic products, like the Bondi eyelash serum and gel.

3. Make sure the brushes are clean and the products are not expired: Surely, it is exciting to get ready with your best friend and share makeup with them. However, using communal makeup can cause eye infections and result in watery eyes. Therefore, do not use someone else's makeup products and ensure the brushes and applicators are clean. 

Also, ensure that the makeup is not expired. For instance, you should change your mascara every three months. Remember, liquid makeup products are more likely to smell than powders. If the product does not smell right, throw it out. 

4. Use a makeup primer: It is essential to prep the area if you have watery eyes. You can apply an eye cream or use an under-eye primer. 

Basically, the tears contain salt that dries out the under-eye area, and the primer moisturizes the area and helps makeup to sustain for a long time. You can also use a lash primer to moisturize the lashes and bolster your mascara formula. 

5. Avoid lining your waterline and lower lashes: Do not apply eyeliner in the inner area between the eyeball and the lashes; otherwise, the watery eyes will worsen. The makeup washes into the eye and clogs the glands, making the eyes dry and causing a sty. Skip the lower lash line, as the tears will ruin your eye makeup. 

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Following the above-mentioned tips will make it easier to do makeup on watery eyes. At Bondi Lash Lab, we offer products that help you achieve salon-like results at home. We work closely with Australia's best natural research labs to develop products backed by solid science and a focus on natural ingredients. We also deliver grooming services with professional results in the comfort of your own home. For more information, send an email to info@bondilashlab.com or fill out our contact form.
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