How to Get Healthy, Naturally Gorgeous Eyebrows?

How to Get Healthy, Naturally Gorgeous Eyebrows?

Well-groomed eyebrows can truly up your beauty game. They can make you look more youthful and add more structure to your face. That is why most beauty experts ensure to at least prep their eyebrows even if they plan to go bare-faced. 

Well-kept and maintained brows can fully define your facial structure and enhance your best features. 

Below are the top five tips for getting healthy, naturally gorgeous eyebrows! 

  1. Moisturise your brows: While moisturising your face, do not forget your eyebrows and the skin beneath. Moisturising will help build a skin barrier and lock in hydration, resulting in healthy growth of the eyebrows. Gently apply the Bondi Boost Brow Serum and press over your brows to allow it to reach your skin. The serum is excellent for moisturising, nourishing, and protecting your eyebrows. 
  2. Get your brows professionally shaped: Leave it to the professionals to give the perfect shape to your eyebrows and then maintain them every couple of weeks, depending on your hair growth. Take references from your friends and family to find an aesthetician who has the skills to give your brows the right shape. 
  3. Watch out for unruly growth: As soon as you observe a few extras growing in, take a few minutes for a quick maintenance job. Get a mirror and a pair of mini scissors and tweezers. Then, carefully tweeze all the extra brow growth. Make sure to follow the shape given by the aesthetician. Remember, even the most natural brows always look slightly messy and unkempt. 
  4. Use a brow gel to add natural fullness: If you want to achieve natural-looking fuller brows, get the best brow gel in the market. The Bondi Eyebrow Serum is gentle and will not drag or pull on your skin. Another reason beauty experts love the eyebrow styling gel is that it gives the most natural-looking finish and appears more diffused, blurred, and less harsh.
  5. Use pencils to fill in sparser areas: You may have scars or sparser areas around your eyebrows that you may want to fill in. In such cases, a brow mapping pencil comes in handy. Bondi Brow Pencil is one of the best eyebrow products in Australia. They do their job quickly and help fill in the areas that need the most coverage. You do not need to apply much pressure when using the brow pencil. The brow pencil outlines also last longer and does not rub off easily. Bondi Brow Pencil has a super thin tip, allowing you to draw more precise brows and feather lines to get a naturally full look. 

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