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How To Achieve Long Eyelashes?

One of the first things a person notices upon seeing another person is their eyes. When we say eyes, it does not only pertain to the color of your irises or the shape of your eyes. Everyone notices everything that is part of your outer eye are. It includes your eyes, your eyebrows and your eyelashes. That became one of the reasons why ladies try to make their eyes pop with eyeshadow make up, an on-fleek eyebrow and long eyelashes. However, it does not happen by just blinking your eye or waking up in the morning. Since not everyone are satisfied with how their eyes make them look, they ought to try different products for their eyes.

The most common form of “make-up” that ladies normally wear are their long eyelashes. Again, they did not just wake up with those things. They are called eyelash extensions. This type of technology is intriguing to many. A lot of ladies even support it and flex the long eyelashes in front of the camera and share it in their social media. If you are as curious as other people about eyelash extensions, keep on reading this article.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are black hair-like fibers that are attached to your natural lashes to add volume and to achieve a perfect eyelash. These fibers are usually made up of mink, synthetic hair and synthetic silk. Out of the three, the perfect eyelash extensions preferred by many are those made of mink. It is because mink is soft and lightweight looks more natural than the other options. Of course, a person who wants long eyelashes would want to make it seem like the extensions are natural.

How to get long eyelashes?

There are different ways to get yourself a perfect eyelash extensions. There are what we call strip lashes or false eyelashes. In this type of extension, the fibers are attached to a strip that holds it together. A certain type of glue can be used to make the strip stick at the base of your natural eyelashes. This type can be applied by anyone with the presence of a mirror and the right type of strip lashes.

On one hand, there is what we call individual lashes where the fibers are being applied individually together with your natural lashes. This process is done by licensed technicians, usually in a salon or a beauty lab. This kind of process is not cheap though, especially if you chose to use mink fibers that are so expensive. You might be surprised at how much eyelash extensions cost.

How much does eyelash extensions cost?

Eyelash extensions cost differently for every salon or beauty lab. But what is certain is that it costs ton of money than you would expect. The average eyelash extensions cost $100 - $200 for an initial full-set application. Yes, this means that there are follow ups to maintain the quality and perfect eyelash look of your extensions. Around $55 to $65 per session is spent on maintenance and refills every month for long eyelashes. Again how eyelash extensions cost vary depending on the type of fiber used. Mink eyelash extensions cost $300 for a full set, not including the refills and maintenance.


If you think that this kind of makeover costs more than you can achieve, there are still other ways. To achieve long eyelashes, you might want to check out BONDI LASH LAB and their products. They offer magnetic eyeliner and lashes for a very friendly price. With their product, you can achieve your desired perfect eyelash without the hassle of setting an appointment or paying expensive procedures. You can even do it yourself and still achieve that Instagramable look.

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