Long, thick eyelashes have a magical ability to open up your eyes and mesmerize. You can’t flutter short, stubby lashes.  Those with naturally beautiful lashes are so lucky – they don’t have to put up with lengthy extension sessions or resort to falsies. Most of us can only dream of naturally long, thick lashes and have probably tried many ways to make this dream come true.

Which option works best for your lashes? If nothing has worked so far, maybe Bondi Lash Lab can help you.

Have you tried Castor Oil?

Castor Oil is usually the first go-to for those dreaming of long, thick lashes. Maybe someone recommended it, or perhaps you searched for a solution online.

Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, Castor Oil stimulates brow and lash growth. It is commonly used in makeup such as concealer and has a very similar texture to Coconut Oil or runny honey.

Did Castor Oil work?

The research-based answer is “No.”

Some might see an improvement in their lashes, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Unfortunately, Castor Oil does not really help with eyelash growth. It only gives the illusion of fuller and thicker lashes because it has such a rich, glossy texture.

No regrets, though – you haven’t wasted your money. On the bright side, Castor Oil can nourish your lashes and help prevent lash breakage.

If Castor Oil didn’t give you the results you were dreaming of, don’t lose hope yet.

Have you heard of eyelash serums? Have you tried any different brands? If yes, have you noticed any changes yet?

If you haven’t heard about them, eyelash serums are formulated to stimulate lash growth. They usually include lash conditioning ingredients such as Biotin, Arginine, and moisturizers. Avoid those with Prostaglandin, which is linked to skin pigmentation.




If Castor Oil has let you down, you need to find an eyelash serum you can trust. Look for one that is Prostaglandin-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free - one that is kind to your lashes and the delicate skin around the eyes. One that will help you achieve the lashes of your dreams.

Let us introduce Bondi Lash Lab – Lash Growth Serum. Our cost-effective serum will give you visible results in just 16 weeks! It is formulated with Vitamin B7, Hyaluronic Acid, and Peptides to stimulate hair growth for longer, thicker lashes. It also helps nourish eyelash follicles for healthy lashes. Even more impressive – it won’t irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes.

You can trust Bondi Lash Lab: our Lash Growth Serum is non-toxic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is kind to your skin and kind to the environment.  Imagine having your dream lashes after just 16 weeks! Own the natural look with Bondi Lash lab – Lash Growth Serum.

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