7 Life-Changing Makeup Tips You Will Thank Us For

7 Life-Changing Makeup Tips You Will Thank Us For

The majority of us are proficient in the basics of makeup, including removing waterproof mascara and covering a zit with the appropriate concealer. However, even if you have worn foundation and eyeshadow for years, there are a few underrated techniques out there that will make you wonder, "How could I not know this?!" 

You have come to the correct place if you are hoping to discover a few savvy beauty tricks that will help you look more glamorous than ever while saving you time and money.

  • Learn to apply eyeliner that will enhance your eye shape: Since every person has a unique set of eyes, applying slightly different eyeliner can significantly enhance their eyes. Determine your eye shape (hooded, downturned, monolid, or round) before learning which eyeliner to use and how to properly apply it to draw attention to your eyes.
  • Apply eyeliner with eyeshadow: Forgot your Eyeliner? No issue; your makeup pallet will work just fine. Simply moisten an angled brush with setting spray or water. After dipping the damp brush in your eyeshadow, line your eyes as you normally would with liner. Let the line dry before lightly blending it with an earbud for a smokey effect.
  • Avoid using dark eyeliner all over your eye: Stop lining your entire upper lash line to avoid making your eyes appear smaller. Avoid using a dark colour on the rim unless you want a smokey eye. Dark colours cover everything and carry a slimming effect. Therefore, you should retain dark hues on your eyes' upper and exterior corners.
  • To make your eyes appear bigger, use white or bare waterline eyeliner: A white liner has the reverse effect of a dark liner in terms of making eyes close in. Look for a liner that is a few tones lighter than the colour of your skin. To give the appearance of larger, brighter eyes, apply the liner to the lower waterline. 
  • Repeat the eyelash curling process: For long, thick lashes, avoid the usual error of only applying pressure once with the eyelash curler. For the most natural-looking curled lashes, press a few times on the entire length of your lashes.
  • Fix lipstick with some translucent powder: This ancient hack has been used for a long time, and for a good purpose, it is effective. Your preferred lipstick should be applied as usual. After that, place a tissue over your lips and cover it with translucent powder. You will have a matte lip that will remain in place all night.
  • Never sample makeup on your wrists: While it's simpler to test a foundation on your arm in the store to check whether it matches your skin tone, it's not very accurate. We advise you to try a foundation shade on your face or neck rather than your arm or hand. It is the only method to achieve an accurate colour match because your hand is probably a different colour than your face!

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