Why You Would Want to Buy Brow Growth Serums

Why You Would Want to Buy Brow Growth Serums

In 2021, the best look was one complete with full brows accenting the eyes. And based on beauty experts' predictions, that trend will stay in 2022. 

Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with naturally thick brows. Plus, others have fallen victim to excessive plucking. They wanted perfectly shaped brows, but their obsession gave them the opposite of what they wanted. We should also factor in natural causes of brow balding. The most common cause is, of course, aging. O hair becomes thinner as we grow older. The same happens to our eyebrows. Hormonal changes have the potential to decrease the density in your brows. And so, you may be left with bare spots in your brows. 

Now, you can't magically get younger. Likewise, no person has yet figured out how to make time machines. So, you can't hide your younger self's tweezer either. But fret not. There is another way to make your eyebrows fuller. And it is accessible to most. That is through the use of eyebrow growth serums. 

How Brow Growth Serums Work

Many doubt brow growth serums. And no one can blame them. The existence of stuff that can make the brow hairs that left you years ago return sounds too good to be true. Besides, some brands sell fake growth serums, further deteriorating people's trust in the products. But, there actually are effective growth serums.

So, how do they work?

Brow growth serums are like scalp serums. It is a liquid treatment you have to apply to your skin and hair on your brow bone where you want more hair. The serum will then nourish and stimulate your follicles on a cellular level. In turn, that will promote brow growth. Using the best lash and brow growth serum ensures less hair fall over time, promoting healthier growth.  

Regarding how long you would need to wait, it would be best to be patient. That is because eyebrow hairs grow very slowly. According to Healthline, eyebrow hair grows between 0.14 mm to 0.16 mm per day. That said, it would take weeks or even months before you see visible results, depending on the product. How consistent you are on daily applications also makes a difference. So aside from having patience, you also have to stick to the routine.

Things to Avoid

Some brow serums contain prostaglandin. The thing is, prostaglandin can cause inflammation and pigmentation. Also, it can cause clogged tear glands, drooping eyelids, and lower eye pressure. 

So, when using products containing prostaglandin, it is highly advised that you be extra careful. But here is a piece of better advice - ditch those products altogether. You should not take that risk, especially since safer products are available on the market. Bondi Lash Lab's, for example.

Why Bondi Lash Lab Brow Growth Serum is the Best

BLL's Brow + Lash Growth Serum is the most powerful product of its kind on the market. It contains vitamins that promote stronger, healthier brows and lashes. Yes, you read that right. You can also use this product to have longer lashes.

Additionally, Bondi Lash Lab's growth serum is all-natural. And it does not contain prostaglandin. Furthermore, it also does not contain sulfate and parabens. These are ingredients that could cause long-term side effects. Of course, you would not want those side effects. That said, this product is an excellent choice because you can use it without worries. 

A product that works and is safe to use. That is Bondi Lash Lab's Brow + Lash Growth Serum. So if you want to have fuller brows, give this serum a try. One day you will look back and say - "That's one of the best decisions I made in my life."

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