Why Bondi Lash Lab's Brow Pencil is The Best Brow Pencil

Why Bondi Lash Lab's Brow Pencil is The Best Brow Pencil

Our eyebrows complete our look. Their appearance makes us either gorgeous, average, or "ugly." Of course, we want to belong to the first group. That's why we dedicate time to style our brows. Unfortunately, only a few are blessed with naturally perfect eyebrows. Most of us have some fixing to do. Thank Venus, makeup exists!

Eyebrow pencils help make our eyebrows look better and people prettier. That's why it is essential to have one on your makeup bag.

Now, there are many brow pencils on the market. Understandably, you would want to use only quality products. It is your face we are speaking about, after all. The problem is, finding a good pencil is a little tricky. 

You can't judge the quality of the product based on its price. Some cheaper options sometimes outshine more expensive ones. However, cheap pencils are sometimes priced like that because they are of poor quality. 

So, how can you determine if a brow pen is good or not? You can do so by checking the product's features. What features should you look for - you may ask. Let us tell you about them, and why our pencil is the best one available. 

Lasts Long

A lot of eyebrow pencils smudge easily and do not last long. You would need to constantly check yourself in the mirror to see if you need to retouch. That's no good. Some people are very busy. There shouldn't be a need to stop what you are doing just to fix your brows. When you fix them in the morning, they should stay like that for the rest of the day.

That said, it would be best to use brow pencils that provide long-lasting looks. Bondi Lash Lab has a one-of-a-kind formula that ensures its eyebrow pencil lasts long. It does not smudge. That alone shows why you should choose it over the others. But there's more:

Easy To Use

The best eyebrow pencils offer easy application. Bondi Lash Lab's Brow Pencil has a smooth texture. It prevents dragging and allows the pencil to glide easily across the brow. Furthermore, it has a fine tip. That feature enables users to draw hair that looks real easily - perfect and precise.

Right Shades And Options

People have different hair and skin colors. So no one shade fits all. Some people need pencils of lighter shades while others need darker ones. The time of the day also changes what shade would be good to use. That makes eyebrow pencils offered at different shades ideal products. Since they are essentially the same products, their qualities are all the same. 

Bondi Lash Lab offers three shades of brown. We recommend using the shade closest to your natural brows color. Then, for night outs, use a pencil one shade darker. That will offer the best results.

Skin Friendly

Of course, you must ensure that the pencil does not contain ingredients that can damage or irritate the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Among the top ingredients you have to avoid are parabens. It is linked to cancer, can trigger allergies resulting in rashes and breakouts or skin inflammation.

Using beauty products containing these harmful ingredients will never truly make you beautiful. They would do the opposite. On top of that, they will inconvenience you since you'll likely need to spend money on treatment.

Bondi Las Lab's products - including brow pencils, growth serums, and brow gels - are paraben-free. What it contains are plant oils that will nourish and condition your brows. They are beauty and health in one. That makes Bondi Lash Lab's brow pencil a choice superior to others. 

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