The Right Eyebrow Shape For You

The Right Eyebrow Shape For You

Our eyebrows contribute a lot to our looks. It doesn't matter if we wear the most expensive dress on Earth or the right shade of foundation if our brows are a mess. Thankfully, we have products like brow pencils and eyebrow styling gels to help us tame our brows. We can use these products to shape them and, consequently, achieve the perfect look.

But the question is, how should you shape your brows? You can watch beauty gurus and follow their tutorials. However, we have different face shapes. What suits them may not look good on you, and vice versa.

Trusting math, aka eyebrow mapping, is a safer bet. It helps you find where your brows should start, end, and where the arch should be. This would be even easier if you knew your face shape.

To identify your face shape, you need to draw an imaginary picture frame around the face. Your eyebrows will be the top of the frame, while your jaws will be the bottom. Then, the sides will be formed between the temples and the jawline. 

Different things can be done to "enhance" the shape of your face. It boils down t relying on optical illusion to "change" it. And you can do that by reshaping your brows.

Here are the perfect brow shapes for each face shape:

For Round Faces

Do not expect round brows to look good on round faces. They will make it look, well, rounder. Straight flat brows will also not do since they will make your face appear shorter. It would not look good.

What you should do instead is to make the face look longer, and the jaw to look narrower. To achieve this, you should opt for a soft lifted arch. You also need to make the tail longer.

For Oval Faces 

Lucky are those with the golden face shape: oval. Many styles of brows suit this, so it isn't much of a problem. Still, there are things you need to keep in mind.

Like with round faces and round brows, you should avoid going for oval brows. Make sure the arch of your brows is not at the center of the brows to ensure this. 

Aside from that, you should also make sure your brows are not too sharp or angular. Keeping the contours of the brows soft is highly recommended.

For Heart-Shaped Faces 

Heart-shaped faces have the forehead as the widest part and the chin as the opposite. The goal is to bring back symmetry by making the former narrower and the latter less pointy. 

You can do this by opting for short brows with a slight curve. They should also be closer together to draw attention to the middle of the face. For the same exact reason, keep the arch closer to the center of the brow. 

Avoid round and flat, straight brows. They will make the heart shape more pronounced, or the face look triangular, respectively. 

For Long Faces

Long faces are elliptical or rectangular in shape. They are narrow and tend to have deep-set eyes. If you have been paying attention, you would know what the objective is here. Indeed, it is to make your face appear shorter and wider at the temples. 

To achieve this, there are many things you should keep in mind. First, you need to opt for longer brow tails. You also need to go for flatter, curved brows with a shallow arch. A high arch will make your face look longer, so it is to be avoided.

For Square Faces

 A square face is more angular than the others. To enhance this, you should make your jawline appear more narrow, and your face look longer. A small lifted arch and a longer brow tail are all you will need.

And there you have it, girls. That's how you should style your brows. Remember to use Bondi Lash Lab Brow Pencil for best results and Brow Gel to keep your brows in place.

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