Are you unhappy with seeing thin eyebrows and short eyelashes in the mirror? Are you tired of thinking of ways to make them grow?

Lash lifts, extensions and eyebrow tattoos are so expensive. Some of us can't afford it, some don't have the time, and some want a more natural look.

If salon treatments aren't an option for you, here are some proven ways to help your lashes and brows grow naturally.



  Just let them grow

  • Some of us manage to thread or pluck our brows when they get a bit too thick. Just be careful. If you overpluck your brows, you risk damaging the hair follicle, and your brows might not grow back. Don't forget to clean your face thoroughly at the end of the day to stop makeup clogging your hair follicles.

  Eat more fruits and veg

Fruit and veg are rich in vitamins that feed your lashes and brows and help them grow fuller and thicker.  Start eating more fruit and veg and see it for yourself!

  Kinda weird but yeah, try onion juice


You might be wondering how and why, but here's the thing – onion juice feeds and nourishes your eyebrows. Yes, it smells awful and makes some of us cry, but onions contain catalase, which reduces hydrogen peroxide in our hair.  But don't apply it to your lashes, or you will get a burning sensation in your eyes. Ouch.

  Replace mascaras with growth serums

  • We all know that mascaras can help our lashes look longer and thicker. But they are just cosmetics – they can't make your lashes grow longer.  We blindly trust mascaras from famous brands because they are expensive. Instead, replace them with a growth serum with proven results. It's a win-win: they are cheaper than costly mascaras and 100x more effective.

You don't need to break the bank to get iconic lashes like your favorite supermodel.


Bondi Lash Lab Lash + Brow Growth Serum has more proven results than any other growth serum on the market – it is excellent value for money. Enriched with Vitamin B7, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides, it will enhance your lashes and brows in just 16 weeks! We are so proud that our serum is cruelty-free, non-toxic, 100% vegan, sulfate-free and paraben-free.  We care for your lashes as much as you do.





You can trust Bondi Lash Lab. Your lash and brow nightmare is over – you deserve the lashes you have been dreaming of!

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