Long Eyelashes is Power

Long Eyelashes is Power

Why would one want his/her eyelashes to be long?

It has been a common topic for everyone especially by ladies who encounter problems with their lashes. Although not talked about thoroughly, eyelashes has been a vital part of one’s look.  It introduces or even highlights the eyes. Eyelashes has a good amount of part in controlling how other persons perceive someone. Have you ever seen someone and felt that you have to behave in a professional way just because of their looks? That’s how powerful every detail of the face are, specifically long eyelashes.

Guess what, long eyelashes is now for everyone. It has now entered the masculine world. Have you noticed that most of internet famous, even boys, wear long eyelashes? It is simply because it brightens up the eyes, it creates a contrast between the eye and the eyelid which gives more character to the person, and. It is now debatably a need and not anymore a trend. One of the health benefits of having longer lashes is it protects the eyes from unwanted debris that could ultimately damage the eyes.

There are actually not so many ways to have longer eyelashes. One can have temporary or false eyelashes, which is not the ideal way. They need daily maintenance, difficult to put on, can damage your true eyelashes, requires cleaning after each use, and they look exactly like their name – fake. And there’s the better way: having an eyelash extension.

Eyelash extension is an imperative for everyone

With proper application and maintenance, eyelash extension is all you need to have lasting long eyelashes. Harmless and beneficial – two words to describe the process. The whole thing is less intense than it sounds. It just needs maintenance, no need to stress yourself every morning to put on fake eyelashes. It also does look real that people will not recognize you wearing it.

Eyelash extensions gives you that gorgeous look without even trying every morning. It’s a dream for everyone to wake up without worrying how does he or she look. It’s a way of saving time every day. You can even forego wearing makeup and still look good.

It is a process of attaching eyelash extensions directly to your natural lashes. It is basically hair extensions applied to your lashes. Each fake lash is applied individually. It is an hour or two process, but the results will last for 2 to 3 weeks depending on your maintenance. They will fall off naturally, and you don’t have to stressfully get them off your face. Once they started to fall off, you can get back to your lash stylist and once again have the procedure done. The common idea that having eyelash extension will disable you from doing heavy tasks is false. You can actually exercise, shower or even swim with it. One should only avoid rubbing them too much, applying too much pressure to it, getting it exposed to extreme heat, applying facial oils and heavy moisturizers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of having an initial full-set lash application vary wildly from salon to salon. The price will run from $120-$300, but it’s monthly maintenance and refills will be somewhere between $55-$65 per session. The costs may sound overwhelming at first, but the benefits you will get from it actually overweighs the expenses.

               If you’ll be asking yourself if it’s worth it, the answer should be: definitely. It is a dream come true at your choice. Wake up with long, full, dark, perfectly curled long eyelashes. Step away from those falsies, and get your hands on that lashes that will last for weeks.

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