How To Take Good Care of your Eyelashes

How To Take Good Care of your Eyelashes

The eyes are among the most important parts of the body. They allow us to see things, and more importantly, they allow us to appreciate beauty. It could be the beauty of other people or the beauty of all creation. Without our eyes, our lives will be colorless. 

With that said, it is extremely important that we protect our eyes. Thankfully, we are blessed with body parts that do that for us. The eyelashes protect the eyes from dust, debris, and other particles that might get into our very sensitive eyes and damage them. Aside from that, they send us warnings when a foreign object or an insect is near the eyes. That triggers our reflexes, and thus, we can prevent those things from entering our eyes.

But if the eyelashes protect the eyes, what protects the eyelashes? That is an important question that no one seems to ask. Unfortunately, no part of the body does that. So, the responsibility falls into your hands.

Since eyelash care is not a very popular subject, you might not know how to do it. Allow us to enlighten you then. Here, we will teach you how to take care of your eyelashes.

Never Pluck Your Eyelashes

Some people find pleasure in plucking their eyebrows. But we discourage you from doing so as it may damage the follicles and cause them not to grow back.

Plucking of eyebrows can be bad if it's overdone. If they don't grow back, your attractiveness might fall off. However, if it is eyelashes that won't grow, it poses problems that are not just about aesthetics. Again, they shield your eyes from particles and foreign objects. With them removed, your eyes will be more vulnerable to irritation and injuries.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes Excessively

Rubbing your eyes has never been a good thing. You might damage the lenses of your eyes or your cornea. That could result in vision impairment. 

Furthermore, frequent rubbing of your eyes may misdirect your eyelashes. If worst comes to worst, they may poke your cornea each time you blink. Your eyelashes are supposed to protect the eyes, not be the one that causes the damage!

When eyes are irritated, you can apply a cold or hot compress. Soak a piece of cloth in cold or hot water and place it above your closed, irritated eye.

Stop Picking Off Mascara

Picking off mascara is a common cause of lash loss. Eyelashes can take up to two months to grow back. So if you do this daily, you are not giving them enough time to come back. If you love our eyes, never ever do this.

Choose Your Mascara Wisely

Aside from picking off mascara, the mascara themselves can damage your eyelashes. Those that contain ethyl alcohol are very drying. They make your eyelashes brittle, and that results in breakage.

Aside from avoiding mascara with ethyl alcohol, you should also stay away from those that contain parabens and phthalates. They can cause allergies and skin inflammation which could damage not just your eyelashes but also your eyes. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that parabens can cause cancer.

Use Lash Conditioning Serum

You might have found this article a little too late. Maybe, you are already losing your lashes. Don't panic yet. There's still something you can do. You can try lash conditioning serums such as the Bondi Lash Lab Lash + Brow growth serum. It will make your lashes grow faster. On top of that, it contains vitamins that promote healthier and stronger brows and lashes.

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