The pandemic has robbed us of so much - traveling, precious time with family and friends, holidays, and pampering salon treatments. In the blink of an eye, everything around us changed. But life goes on, and we must learn to adapt to this 'new normal.'

Many salons around the globe had to close down temporarily; some have unfortunately closed down permanently. If your favorite salon or spa had to close down during lockdown,  you probably worried about your eyebrow maintenance.

Hair and nails are so much easier to maintain. Let's face it – we rely on trusted therapists for our perfectly groomed eyebrows, so we struggled during the lockdown. Maybe it's time we learned to do them ourselves.

If you are used to grooming your eyebrows, then lucky you. That's a great advantage. But if you struggle to maintain your eyebrows, let us share some ways to care for your eyebrows at home.

Eyebrow Care 101

  Don't forget to moisturize


Keeping your eyebrows moisturized is very important because it reduces the chances of premature aging and saggy eyebrows!

  Condition your brows


Conditioning your eyebrows might seem strange if you haven't done it before, but it is a must. Eyebrow hair loss is a sign of weak eyebrows that desperately need conditioning.  Do not use hair conditioner – you need a specially formulated brow conditioner to avoid rashes or irritation. Use coconut oil or castor oil and add Vitamin E for an extra boost.

  Trim your eyebrows.

Healthy, conditioned eyebrows grow very long and quickly.  In just a matter of weeks, they will grow thicker and lose their shape. 

Like trimming your hair or your fringe, trimming your eyebrows can be a disaster. No wonder we usually leave it to the experts. If you are brave, trim them with brow scissors. If you don't own a pair of brow scissors, leave well alone. Ordinary scissors will leave you with patchy brows – don't risk it!

  Use brow soap to keep it in shape. 

Brow soaps have become popular during lockdown because they are an amazing brow grooming tool. They hold your lashes in a perfectly groomed shape and make thin eyebrows look fuller.




Bondi Lash Lab understands if you are hesitant to groom your brows. That is completely fine – you can wait until salons reopen after lockdown. But we are here to help with your eyebrow grooming - we love giving you tips and tricks.

Don't forget your eyebrows – they need some TLC too!

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