How to Apply Eyelash Serum If Your Eyes Are Sensitive?

How to Apply Eyelash Serum If Your Eyes Are Sensitive?

Eyelash growth serums are popular for all the right reasons — from lengthening and strengthening the lashes to boosting growth. However, sometimes they can wreak havoc on sensitive eyes. 

Due to over-the-counter lash formulas, people with sensitive eyes and skin may experience red, itchy eyes or eyelid irritation, redness, and sensitivity. Fret not! It does not mean you cannot use the serum. You just need to be extra careful to prevent these side effects while getting the maximum benefits.

Below, we have discussed how to apply eyelash serum if you have sensitive eyes. 

  1. Apply the serum on dry lashes, then allow it a few minutes to set: Moisture on your lashes can trigger the serum to penetrate your eyes. Therefore, after washing your face, you must wait a few minutes to allow the hair to dry before applying the serum. Remember, a mix of makeup and serum can cause significant damage to your eyes. That is why it’s advisable to wait a few minutes before putting on eye makeup. 
  2. Do not overload the applicator brush with too much serum: Your lashes can absorb only a specific amount of serum; therefore, globbing on the extra product will not improve the results. It will lead to serum application beyond your lash line, making you more vulnerable to skin irritation. Ideally, you should wipe the applicator along the inner edge of the container opening to clear off any excess dripping product. Then, apply the serum in a single layer at the lash roots. 
  3. Brush the serum on the lashes' roots: Most people make the mistake of applying the serum on the eyelid skin instead of the lash roots. It is pointless and can result in contact dermatitis, an allergic skin reaction. You must precisely apply the serum on the roots; you can use a magnifying mirror for better application. Close the eyelid and place the brush tip right at the roots of your lashes. Then, start from the inner corner of your lid and sweep the applicator along the roots to the lid's outer corner. Remember not to apply the serum on the bottom lashes as it can block tear ducts and irritate your eyes. 
  4. Consider a gentler formula: Many lash growth serums available in the market are made of an over-the-counter formula that can cause discomfort to sensitive eyes. If that’s the case for you, you should use a lash serum with alternative-enhancing ingredients and formulas containing peptides, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, or castor oil. You can also choose a Bondi Lash Lab lash growth serum for sensitive eyes.

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