Brushed-Up Brows

How to Achieve the Brushed-Up Brows Trend

If you're a beauty enthusiast, you've probably noticed the brushed-up brows trend that's taking over social media. While it may seem like this bold and bushy brow look is only achievable by professional makeup artists or celebrities, we're here to tell you that it's easier than you think to recreate at home. 

With a few simple steps, the right tools, and some insider tips, you too can achieve this effortlessly chic brow trend. So, whether you're a makeup newbie or a seasoned beauty guru, let's dive into the world of brushed-up brows together.

Start by Brushing Your Brows up with a Spoolie Brush to Add Volume

Using a spoolie brush, sweep your brows up and out towards your hairline. This lifting motion adds volume and gives your brows the much-needed fluffiness that is the cornerstone of the brushed-up trend. The key is to work with your natural shape, not against it, by aligning the hairs in the direction of your brow's natural curve. 

This initial brushing also helps to spread out your brow hairs making the sparse areas less noticeable. Remember, the goal is to create a fuller, more defined look without appearing overly done-up.

Apply a Gel or Wax to Hold the Hair in Place and Give It Texture

After achieving the desired shape with the spoolie brush, it's time to secure the look. Using one of the best eyebrow products in Australia, apply a brow growth gel or wax to your brows. This not only holds the hairs in place but also adds texture, essential for that bold, bushy effect. 

Start by applying sparingly - it's always easier to add more product than to remove excess. A product like Bondi Boost Eyebrow Serum is an excellent choice for its long-lasting hold and natural finish. Remember to coat each hair evenly from root to tip, ensuring maximum hold and a consistent texture throughout.

Use an Angled Brush to Define Your Arch Shape and Add Definition

The next step involves using an angled brush to define your arch shape and add extra definition. This brush, often accompanied by a brow pomade or powder, is particularly suited for this task due to its slanted bristles, which allow for precise, sharp lines. Start by identifying the highest point of your brow arch, which usually lies directly above the outer rim of your iris when you're looking straight ahead. Place a small amount of product on your brush, then draw a line following the bottom edge of your brow from the inner corner to the peak of the arch. Repeat this on the top edge of your brow. 

The goal here is to emphasise the natural shape of your brows, not to redraw them entirely. Once you've defined the arch, use the remaining product on the brush to fill in any sparse areas. Remember to use light, feathered strokes for a natural look. This step adds dimension to your brows, making them appear fuller and more defined.

Fill In Sparse Areas with Brow Powder, Using Short Strokes

Now that your brows have been defined, it's time to fill in any sparse areas that remain. Pick an eyebrow powder that closely matches your natural brow colour. Using an angled brush, apply the powder in short, feather-like strokes to mimic the appearance of natural hairs. Start from the inner corners of your brows and work your way out, focusing on the areas that need more fullness. 

It is crucial to use light pressure and build up the colour gradually for a natural finish. Overloading the brush with powder can lead to harsh, unnatural-looking brows. The goal is to subtly fill in the gaps, not to darken the entire brow. Remember - less is more when it comes to brow powder. By using these techniques, you can achieve the perfect brushed-up brow look.

Set the Look with a Clear Brow Gel or Wax for Extra Hold

To finalise your brushed-up brow look, you need to set the style with a clear brow gel or wax for extra hold. These products act like the hairspray of the eyebrow world, keeping every strand in place throughout the day. Apply the clear gel or wax in an upward motion, following the direction of the hair growth, to maintain the brushed-up look. Be sure to coat each hair evenly for maximum hold. 

This final step will ensure your eyebrows stay bold and bushy all day long, giving you that trendy, chic look you desire. Remember, while a bold brow is a statement, it should still appear natural and effortless. So, go forth and flaunt your perfectly brushed-up brows with confidence.

Trim Any Hairs That Are Too Long with a Pair of Small Scissors

The last step to perfect your brushed-up brows involves trimming any hairs that are too long. After brushing and setting your brows, some strands may stick out from the rest, disrupting the neat, lifted look. To fix this, use a pair of small scissors - eyebrow scissors with a curved edge work best. Carefully and gently trim the tips of any overly long hairs. 

Be sure to follow the natural curve of your brow and avoid cutting too much at once as it can lead to patchy areas. Remember, the goal is to create a tidy, defined, and natural look. Trimming should be done sparingly and only when necessary to maintain the fullness of the brushed-up brows trend.

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