5 Facts and Myths about Lash Growth Serum

5 Facts and Myths about Lash Growth Serum

Everyone loves full, fluttery lashes that make your eyes pop without applying any makeup. However, not everyone is blessed with such lashes. Well, worry not! Lash Growth Serum will do wonders for you if you too, wish to possess such naturally beautiful lashes.

Lash Growth Serums are a combination of ingredients like peptides and vitamins that help improve the strength, condition, and shine of natural lashes. Just like healthy skin, moisture is crucial for healthy lashes as well. Without moisture, they are vulnerable to breakage. Eyelash Growth Serums offer this much-needed moisture to your eyelashes. 

Basically, Bondi Eyelash Serum helps strengthen your lashes and makes them less prone to breakage. 

Below, we have listed the top five facts and myths about lash growth serums that you should be aware of! 


  • You must be consistent to see results: Every routine requires consistency, and the same goes for Bondi Eyelash Serums. You must apply it consistently to get the desired results; however, be patient, as it will take time. It will be all worth it when you get lush and fuller lashes. Please note that it can take anywhere between three to six weeks to get results with eyelash growth serums depending on the strength of their ingredients.
  • You must remove contact lenses before you apply lash serum: If you wear contact lenses, remove them before using the Lash Growth Serum. It is because some serum formulations contain preservatives that contact lenses may absorb. Remember to wait 15 minutes after applying the serum before putting the lenses back in. 


You cannot use the Eyelash Growth Serum with eyelash extensions: Eyelash extensions demand high maintenance and can cause damage to your eyelashes in the long run. Worry not! You can avoid this damage by using eyelash growth serums to achieve your desired eyelashes. 

    Lash Growth Serum will help you maintain your lashes while conditioning and strengthening them. However, check the serum you are using to ensure it is safe to use with lash extensions. Remember to wait a day or two after the lashes are applied to allow enough time for the glue to set. 

    The more serum you apply, the better it is: Dousing your eyelashes in serum will not make the process any quicker or faster. Eyelash Growth Serum is highly concentrated; consistent application matters over the amount of product you use. Therefore, applying the serum in excess is a waste. 

    The results are permanent: The best eyelash serums can help you get those fluttery lashes, but the results are not permanent. You need to continuously use the serum to maintain those results. Once you stop, your eyelashes will return to their original state. Since the serum adds moisture to the lashes and prevents breakages, there is no reason to stop using the Bondi Eyelash Serum once you get your desired results. 

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