Many of us are unhappy with our eyebrows. Some are naturally too thin, too thick, or just impossible to manage. They never look even!  But hang on a second - let Bondi Lash Lab check your eyebrow care. You might be sabotaging your eyebrows without even realizing it.

Are you making these common eyebrow care mistakes?

  Plucking or tweezing before your bath

  • Bondi Lash Lab recommends plucking or tweezing after your shower when your skin is soft. The steam opens up your pores, softens the hair follicle, so the hair slides out easily. If you have a shower after plucking, the steam can irritate your hair follicle and leave you with red, swollen brows. Don’t do it!

  Tweezing too often

  • Overplucking can leave you with thin eyebrows – permanently. Give them a chance to grow back naturally.

  Layering too much moisturizer, foundation or sunscreen in the brow area.

  • Eyebrow care experts believe that layering too much moisturizer, foundations or sunscreen can block the hair follicle and slow hair growth. Less is more.

  Plucking, threading or waxing during your period

  • Hair removal can be more painful during your period when your skin is more sensitive. Ouch.

  Tweezing multiple hairs at the same time

  • Overplucking and pulling out more than one hair at a time can leave you with thin, sparse eyebrows. Forever!

These are just some of the common eyebrow care mistakes.  


Bondi Lash Lab wants your lashes and brows to look as gorgeous and natural as possible. 


We recommend our Lash + Brow Growth Serum as an essential part of your eyebrow care kit. Let us show you how to take proper care of your eyebrows.

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