Can You Use Lash Serum Twice a Day? Avoid This Mistake!

Can You Use Lash Serum Twice a Day? Avoid This Mistake!

If you already use a lash-enhancing serum, you may have thought about improving your outcomes by using it twice daily. At a glance, it makes sense because more products should logically lead to greater results. However, it is not that easy, and sometimes more is not better. Most brands recommend against using lash growth serums twice daily. The growth serums only must be used once daily to get results. It is advised to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for how frequently the lash serum should be used.

Below, we have listed why you should only use your serum once a day! 

  • It may harm your eyes: Typically, active chemicals that promote lash development are found in eyelash serums. When used too frequently, the same substances might also result in irritation, redness, and dryness. These products qualify as safe when used as instructed, which is often once per day. If you use them more frequently, your risk of experiencing an allergic response or other negative effects can rise.
  • It will not increase its effectiveness: Doubling something should improve its effectiveness, right? The reasoning sounds perfect. However, eyelash serums aren’t made to work that way. Several companies mention on their websites not to use their eyelash serums more than once daily because they will not lengthen or thicken your eyelashes. If you do not have to, why make yourself vulnerable to adverse effects?
  • Not practical: Eyelash serum should ideally only be used once per day, especially right before night. It makes sense to use the lash serum as the last step in your night skincare routine because it takes time (at minimum five minutes) to penetrate your lashes. What happens, for instance, if you wish to add a second layer in the morning? Not only must you wait for the eyelash serum to take action, but using mascara too soon after that may prevent it from working properly. Given that lash serums cost, on average, $20 to $100, you must ensure that your application is effective and that no product is lost. 

    What can happen when you apply eyelash serum twice daily?

    Do not worry if you mistakenly apply lash serum twice because using an eyelash serum twice a day normally will not result in any serious issues. But generally speaking, you should not use eyelash serum twice daily. Multiple applications of lash serum raise the risk of eye discomfort and lash serum getting into the eyes. The easiest way to see the benefits of lash serum is to use it consistently every day instead of applying it numerous times during the day. It entails not skipping days and consistently using your lash serum at the right time of day. According to experts, the best time to apply lash serum is right before bed so that it has sufficient time to work.

    If you are consistent, you will start to see effects after applying the lash serum for 4 to 16 weeks.

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