6 Steps to Sensational Eyelashes (Without the Falsies)

6 Steps to Sensational Eyelashes (Without the Falsies)

There are only a few go-to makeup products in everyone's makeup routine. After overworked long days or a night of barely any sleep, almost everyone swears by their mascara, concealer and lipstick to look fresh and lively. However, nothing beats the effect of long, luscious lashes on your overall look. But, it is difficult to maintain sensational eyelashes without using synthetic falsies. 

Over time, synthetic lashes can harm your natural lashes and get costly. Worry not! You do not have to resort to false lashes to highlight your eyes. 

Below, we have listed the top five steps to sensational eyelashes without using falsies! 

  1. Use a nourishing oil: The first step to achieving a voluminous look for your eyelashes is including the type of oil that suits your skin and incorporating it into your night routine to nourish the lashes. 
  2. Use the right mascara: In a world full of mascara, choosing the one that helps us achieve the desired look is essential. The trick is to check whether the application wand suits the length of your eyelashes, your eye shape, and the wand's bristles to help you get the desired elongated lashes. Do the research, find suitable mascara, and stick to it! 
  3. Curl your lashes: Before application, always remember to curl your lashes to give them an extra lift. Many people deem it unnecessary, but they do not realize that curling before applying mascara is like using a primer before foundation- the difference is not visible but affects how long the product lasts. The eyelash curler makes the result look much more put together and cleaner. 
  4. Do not overuse the product: Remember to remove the excess product from the tip of the wand and start applying from the base of your lashes, from the roots to the tip. It helps with separating the lashes and helps avoid them getting clamped together. Using less product also puts you in control of building up the product as desired. 
  5. Use a card or spoon: Keep a card or spoon handy if you are not confident in your application skills. Place it on the eyelid to avoid the excess product getting onto your eyelid. By this, you can prevent messy mishaps which require clean-up. You will rather have a look that comes out perfectly clean and cohesive. 
  6. Remove the makeup properly: If the makeup application is effortless, the removal process should also be the same. Remember to take off your mascara after the event. It can be harsh on the lashes because of the scraping and pulling, so the most beneficial option is to use a waterproof remover, ensuring no residue or buildup is left on your lashes. 

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