3 Reasons Why We Should Use a Paraben-Free Cosmetics Products

3 Reasons Why We Should Use a Paraben-Free Cosmetics Products

Today we will be talking about an important issue that will significantly impact most women across the globe-parabens in your beauty products!

We will discuss how many daily self-care products, especially eyebrow and lash products, contain parabens. Which ones maybe your favorite moisturizer, night cream, makeup remover, and even your mascara may contain this chemical preservative. 


What are parabens?


 Parabens are synthetic compounds used for preservative ingredients in cosmetics, personal hygiene products, food products, and pharmaceuticals. It is highly effective in preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeast that can cause products to spoil. Thus, they contribute directly to the quality of the products by extending their shelf life, making them safe for the families who use them. Though they use for preserving and adding some quality to the product, too much consumption of it can cause harm to us, and here are three reasons why we should avoid too much consumption of the paraben-contained product.


  1. Most people are allergic to parabens which could lead to rashes or breakouts


Did you notice your skin breaking out randomly? Maybe it could be from the parabens in your beauty products; the most common reactions are skin irritation, eye redness just from coming into contact with the chemicals for minutes. Some people will experience allergic reactions that can range anywhere between mild and severe; difficulty breathing after coming into contact with these chemicals for just minutes. That's why being picky and intelligent when purchasing a product can save us, so we should avoid paraben-contain products if possible.


  1. Parabens are linked to causing cancer.


It is said that parabens are hormone-disrupting chemicals linked to breast cancer, infertility, and other reproductive issues. But it is observed only when anyone would be exposed to it under actual conditions with repeated use.


  1. It can be absorbed through the skin.

You heard it right; the skin can absorb paraben products. It can cause trouble because it can cause skin inflammation when applied topically for extended periods. Suppose you're someone that already has sensitive or compromised skin. In that case, dermatitis outbreaks are made worse by paraben reactions because they make our immune system work overtime to clear up infections while trying to heal itself from damage. Surely avoid in contact of it.



 Though safe ranges for paraben preservatives have been established in all countries, the frequent use can cause diseases when applied typically to the skin over extended periods. Bondi Lash Lab is here to provide a skin-friendly product because we care about your eyebrows and lash health. Our serum, gel, and pencil product is paraben-free and has ingredients with potential long-term side effects. Shop and choose wisely on every product you may purchase.

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