Do you feel insecure about your short lashes? Have you tried loads of ways to make them longer, but no luck? Chill, girl. You need to know something before wasting any more time and money.

According to dermatologists, there is a reason why your eyelashes are short or breaking off. You might be overusing products such as mascara or medicated eye drops, which leave your lashes brittle and fragile. Or you might be rubbing your eyes without thinking, and your lashes are getting pulled out prematurely.

Now you know the reason why your lashes are so short. So let’s talk about helping them grow longer – no falsies required.

Helping your lashes to grow strong and long

You don’t have to rely on falsies - there are many ways to help your eyelashes grow longer. These DIY hacks will help you achieve your dream lashes without wasting any more money:

Olive oil

  • Olive oils are very effective in helping your eyelashes stronger and longer because they contain essential fatty acids that moisturize and soften your eyelashes

Vitamin E oil

Famous beauty bloggers love Vitamin E to promote stronger, nourished eyelashes. Some prefer to mix it with Castor oil or Coconut oil.

Comb your eyelashes

  • If you haven’t tried this before, try it now. Combing and separating your eyelashes will make them look longer and encourage healthy growth.

Use an Eyelash Serum 

Eyelash serums are the number one recommendation for helping your lashes grow naturally. Good quality eyelash serums contain peptides and biotin to promote hair growth and are safe to use on your eyebrows as well.

Which one to choose? There are loads of eyelash serums on the market at the moment. However, not all brands live up to their claims. Some contain harsh ingredients with potential long-term side effects, and many simply don’t work.

Bondi Lash + Brow Lab has formulated the safest and most effective eyebrow growth serum on the market. We are experts and promise it will never disappoint you.

We are proud that it is paraben and sulfate-free, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic. Unlike many serums on the market, it doesn’t contain Prostaglandin, linked to skin pigmentation.

Look no further – you can trust Bondi Lash + Brow Lab with your lashes.